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Alastair Dickson founded Ard Films in 2009. Kelly Cooper Barr joined the company in October 2009. Ard Films are interested in developing scripts from original screenplay, through funding, production and distribution. Our purpose is to exploit and develop rights in film and television. Now concentrating on micro budgets from £120,000 up to £5,000,000.

If you are looking for assistance in production or if you are interested in investing in our exciting projects please get in touch.

Projects in pre production are:

The Power


The Power, which was originally announced at Cannes. Not that dealing with Satan or real life Satanists doesn't come with its own set of responsibilities of course.

Abducted and imprisoned by a cult, Magda awakens in a filthy cell. Despite hearing distant voices, her screams for help go unanswered. She's a prisoner, seemingly without hope... In time, she befriends another hostage, a girl who provides some comfort. However, as the weeks pass, the cult members prepare Magda for participation in a dark ritual with demonic, religious and sexual overtones; and her despair grows.

South Pacific

South Pacific the musical ARD have invested in the new production. The show is currently touring the UK and heading to London west end soon.


Alpha by david Lemon and Neal McEnery West. ARD are in negotiations with patchwork productions to invest in the production.



An adventure western feature film set in New Zealand at the time of the gold rush in 1850.

Young Charlotte Lockton has settled in Australia with her wealthy husband, David. But her life’s dreams are shattered when he’s murdered at their farm, and her new-born son is kidnapped. A year after paying a ransom, she decides to track him down, and so begins her journey through wilds of an untamed New Zealand, at the beginning of the Gold Rush. She comes into contact with Villains, Suffragettes, Hustlers, Chinese Mystics and native Maoris. She joins a convoy of Whores, Dancers, and Ex-cons heading for the rough mining community of Gold Town. There she meets Joshua McCullen, the owner of the town, a man who is key to uncovering the truth behind the disappearance of her son, forcing her to fight to the death for what she holds most dear.

The Widow

PRESS: Mayfair Times

'The Widow' is a contemporary gothic thriller with a beautiful heroine, a twisted antagonist, an ancient scandal and a long-dead victim still haunting the halls of a stately home. It is a story of thwarted ambition, corrupt servants and unswerving maternal love.

ARD films have acquired the film rights for the widow

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